Small Groups

Comprised of a community of people sharing a common experience.

Offering both in-person and virtual Small Groups

(In-person small groups are limited to specific locations.)

A Blessed Womb

A Blessed Womb is a faith-based study for married women who find themselves in a season of infertility, miscarriage and loss. The study is written to realign the heart to know and love the Heavenly Father above all things. This 10 week study brings spiritual and emotional healing through the truth of God’s Word and fellowship within the small group. As spiritual healing begins, the women enter a new season of purpose, redemption and joy.

A Blessed Marriage through Infertility

Coming Soon

A Blessed Marriage Through Infertility is a Biblical study for married couples in a dark season.  This study explores the stories of infertile couples of the Bible and how God changed their hearts, then repurposed their circumstances for the greater good.  In the midst of what seems to be an infertile marriage, God will fertilize the soil of the union with enriched seeds producing fruits if you chose to seek Him with your whole heart.

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Vision for Future Small Groups

As small group demands exceed expectations, God has revealed multiple areas desperately needing His presence. In addition to A Blessed Womb and A Blessed Marriage Through Infertility, Blessed Brokenness seeks to expand the outreach to include Child Loss, Postpartum Anxiety and Depression, and Men of Infertility.

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