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Bringing spiritual healing and financial blessings to couples who suffer from infertility and loss.

Embrace Brokenness. Experience Blessings.

Embrace Brokenness. Experience Blessings.

“A Blessed Womb group could not have been introduced into my life at a more perfect time. After multiple miscarriages, I was off balance, depressed and low on vision. This curriculum and community helped give me perspective listening to the other women and it also helped me appreciate this journey God has me on. The group played a crucial role in my healing. I can truly say now that I am no longer drowning in grief but I am filled with hope for a bright and meaningful future! Thank you Lord!”

“I joined A Blessed Womb believing it would be a support group for women struggling with infertility, but it ended up being so much more.  I was able to acknowledge my hurts and frustrations, but more than that I was able to understand God’s love for me.  One particular lesson forced me to recognize past times in my life where God worked in a tremendous way, provided for me, and protected me, and how to acknowledge that same faithful God in my current situation regardless of how things appeared.”

“I joined A Blessed Womb in early 2017; I was so excited to find this group because I knew I would finally have the chance to meet other women who had been down this road before. God answered a prayer through this group by providing wonderful friendships with some amazing women, but more than that He has filled me with peace and joy that cannot be explained during a very dark time in my life. My relationship with the Lord has grown so much since A Blessed Womb started. The first night of group it was obvious how the Lord was using Ann and her brokenness to bless her and change her and it made me hunger for the same spirit filled life. Week after week, I could feel the weight of everything slowly start to lift off of my shoulders. I am forever grateful for Ann and A Blessed Womb and cannot wait to see how God uses her and this group to encourage more women and change more lives.”

“Although infertility is a difficult journey, I know that my relationship with God has been strengthened during this time.  Specifically, A Blessed Womb has given me the tools and friendships to turn a negative situation into an opportunity to draw closer to the Lord. No matter how down I am, the weekly lessons stir my faith and encourage me to continue holding onto God’s promises.  ABW has not only affected my fertility journey, but I’m able to apply the truths of God’s Word to other areas of my life as well.”

“People always say, “you’re not alone” and A Blessed Womb showed me the true meaning of that. Being a part of this amazing group of women has put a thirst in me to seek the Lord more, to know Him, and to allow Him to write my story! It has also stirred within me the desire to help others and be there as best I can. I am forever grateful and beyond thankful to be a part of this, to share our journeys together, to laugh and to cry together. These beautiful ladies helped give me strength to pray through every situation, even when I felt it was too much! For God never fails us and He brings the right people in your life at just the right time!”

“I came into this group so desperate for support. I felt like I was “the only one.” Having just had my 4th miscarriage, I felt depressed, confused, alone. This group was a testimony of the beauty of small groups. I got to be a part of a group where we all came from different backgrounds, had different stories but we all shared a similar experience… pain, loss & emptiness. It opened my eyes up to other’s pain and it allowed me to share what I was going through too. This group is also a testimony of a leader’s faithfulness and her willingness to fully share her gift of faith with others. I connected with another leader at Church of the Highlands because of the group. Meeting with her plus the weekly small group meetings, allowed me to close that chapter in my life and fully move on to the next. I was able to move on without gaping wounds or infections in my soul that could’ve stayed hidden until further notice. To me, this group was a picture of the power of coming together, getting honest and walking out of our pain. To God be the glory!”

Experiencing Blessings through Brokenness.

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