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TV Appearance on WVUA 23

October 2020

Spreading Awareness! Check out Blessed Brokenness on TV!

Mouron babies

BabyPalooza Article

April 23 - May 14, 2020

Siblings Born 6 Weeks Apart - A Family's Surprising Infertility Journey

We are thrilled our very own, Lewis and Allyson Mouron, are featured in the August addition of the national magazine, BabyPalooza.

Three-and-half-year-old Tyson and Annie were born six weeks apart.  They are biological siblings and not twins – in fact, their parents call them “twiblings”.  How is this possible? 

Read the full article by BabyPalooza here.

Fertility Talk Series

fertility talk series on facebook live

Facebook LIVE Fertility Talk Series

October 7 - 21, 2020

We are excited to support our community with a new series!

October is National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness month and we will be hosting a Fertility Talk Series to discuss the hard topics. Our speakers will cover life after loss and the miracles in the midst of heartbreak, top causes of early pregnancy loss, grief and how to heal spiritually and emotionally.

October 7 – Chinika Mardis, Faith-filled story of life after loss

October 14 – Dr. Karen Hammond, Nurse Practitioner with a Doctorate in Reproductive Endocrinology and Fertility Medicine

October 21 – Martha Bohorhoush, Author, Counselor & Founder of House of Hope

Another way to support couples through this journey, Blessed Brokenness will be giving some amazing gifts at the end of each Fertility Talk to include:

  • Complimentary Fertility Consultation at American Institute of Reproductive Medicine – Alabama
  • 2 Free Grief Counseling Sessions with Martha Bohorhoush
  • Pamper Yourself Package because you deserve it!


Stay connected on social media for more details! @blessedbrokenness 

fertility talk series on facebook live

Facebook LIVE Fertility Talk Series

April 23 - May 14, 2020

We are excited to support our community with this new series!

You certainly do not want to miss the opportunity to hear from these fantastic speakers and most importantly have your questions answered by professionals!

April 23 Dr. Karen Hammond, Nurse Practitioner with a Doctorate in Reproductive Endocrinology and Fertility Medicine

April 30 Sheena Gregg, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

May 7 – Allyson Mouron, Blessed Brokenness – Story of Repurposed Pain 

May 14 – Trina Smith, Certified Yoga Instructor – LIVE Yoga Class Focusing on Fertility Health

Stay connected on social media for more details! @blessedbrokenness

fertility talk series on facebook live

Fertility Talk

August 13, 2019 | 5:30 – 7:00 PM

Embrace Brokenness. Experience Blessings.

If you are experiencing or have experienced infertility or loss through miscarriage at any stage of pregnancy then this is for you! Blessed Brokenness will also share our new scholarship program for fertility treatments.

Sheena Gregg, R.D. – Registered Dietician Nutritionist & Assistant Director at UA Department of Health Promotion & Wellness

Sheena will share her personal experience of using nutrition in her infertility journey, and how she treats infertility conditions with nutrition therapy.

Karen Hammond, DNP, CRNP – Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner at American Institute of Reproductive Medicine

Karen has over 40 years of experience in reproductive medicine and now works for the American Institute of Reproductive Medicine where they are the largest INVOCELL providers in the world. Come hear what is happening in fertility medicine.

fertility talk series on facebook live

Fertility Talk

August 21, 2017

Dr. Karen Hammond, DNP, CRNP shared her vast knowledge of Fertility Medicine with an audience of couples eager to learn about the latest discoveries in her field.


blessed brokenness scholarship baby

Scholarships Awarded!

April 23 - May 14, 2020

Four Worthy Couples Receive IVF Treatments

We are overjoyed to announce that FOUR worthy couples will receive IVF treatments who otherwise could not afford it! Thank you to our donors who have forever impacted the lives of these couples!

All the honor and glory to our Heavenly Father for making a way!

Follow us on social media and get updates on their journey!


August & September Outreach

August & September, 2020

Little Ones' Memory Garden - Botanical Gardens

The Little Ones’ Memory Garden is a place of quiet beauty for healing and comfort for those who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal loss. The garden gives families a place to reflect and celebrate the lives of their heavenly babies. 

Volunteers ensure the garden stays beautiful year round and Blessed Brokenness is honored to lend a helping hand. 

Due to the pandemic, there is a virtual tour experience of the Little Ones’ Memory Garden on YouTube.

blessed brokenness serving the community

Serve Project

July - August 2017

Leadership and participants of ABW blessed an expecting family in need by painting their home and showering them with baby gifts. We saw God at work beyond our efforts through restoration and fellowship.


meet saylor

Newsletter - 2020 Achievements

August 20, 2020

Meet our 1st BB Scholarship Baby and learn all that our ministry has accomplished this year!

We invite you to learn more about our small group achievements and how you can partner with our ministry to support more couples emotionally and financially during their season of infertility.


Blessed Brokenness breaking bread event

Breaking Bread Event

April 2021

A percentage of each sale will be donated to Blessed Brokenness

Kiva Yoga

Yoga for Blessed Brokenness

July 17, 2019 | 7:00 - 8:15 PM

Kiva Hot Yoga

Tight hips and back pain?  You’ll experience freedom after this class!

This sequence includes vinyasas (flows) that are sprinkled with postures that you will recognize from a Hot 26 class.

It is a more fast flowing class that will include the option for more intermediate versions of Bikram’s beginning postures that you are familiar with.

This class is for all levels.

All proceeds go to Blessed Brokenness.

Pathway Event

May 14, 2019

Blessed Brokenness is paving the road for our nonprofit to grow and forge a path for couples to start a family through sponsorships.


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