Allyson Mouron

Executive Director of Communications & Donor Development

Embrace Brokenness. Experience Trust.

To Allyson, these are more than just words written on paper. She spent years broken as she and her husband Lewis tried to have a baby. Four years of visits to specialists, five rounds of IVF, three surgeries, and too many miscarriages to remember, Allyson found herself in the wilderness. Discouragement took root as her expectations did not align with God’s timing. Worry replaced peace and contentment turned to complaining.

Allyson spent many nights begging God to give her what she wanted– what she thought she needed. Without any medical help and through miracles only God could perform, Allyson got pregnant. She gave birth to a baby boy and their gestational carrier had their baby girl. With two babies of her own, Allyson is able to see the wilderness was exactly the route she needed to travel. Her journey wasn’t about a baby; instead, it was for God to reveal Himself for a much bigger purpose. She can see His miracles more clearly, feel His presence more intensely, worship Him more authentically and trust Him more sincerely.

Infertility is only part of her story. That season of weakness and pain taught her the joy of receiving His peace. She learned that brokenness may be her greatest strength, suffering must be embraced, and His plan is good, even when the path is hard.

Allyson Mouron of Blessed Brokenness

Serving Together for His Glory.

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